Sep 102007


In August, one of our neighbors asked if they could do a professional photo shoot using our property and construction site. We cheerfully agreed, and a few weeks later, Tanya Constantine ( spent a Sunday with her partner John and three models, taking stock photographs. Here are a few of the images. She’s good.

wpid-construction-002724-2007-09-10-21-46.jpg wpid-construction-002885-2007-09-10-21-46.jpg wpid-construction-002987-2007-09-10-21-46.jpgwpid-construction-002998-2007-09-10-21-46.jpgwpid-construction-003050-2007-09-10-21-46.jpgwpid-construction-003264-2007-09-10-21-46.jpgwpid-construction-003427-2007-09-10-21-46.jpg

If only life were a movie. Perhaps we would look like this!

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