Passport 2 I’m Tom Childers, and I live with my partner Jen and my cat in Fairfax, CA. This blog began as a chronicle of house construction, and has evolved into stories of my personal journey through a decade of intense change and evolution.

My wife Nancy and I started dating in 2004, bought land together in Fairfax in 2005, and got married in 2006 at her family cabin in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. We finished building our lovely home in 2008, where I have lived ever since. She passed away in late 2011, after a difficult year with leukemia.

I’ve had a meditation practice for many years. I study Tibetan Buddhism at Sukhasiddhi in Fairfax.  I’m currently engaged in ngöndro, the preliminary practices of Vajrayana buddhism.

Professionally, I’ve been a software engineer for 40 years, and am currently building a startup company with Jen and two close friends, while taking some time to travel and explore new kinds of learning.

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  1. Tom, I had no idea of this enormous change in your life. To be honest, it took my breath away. Such loss is hard to fathom. In reading, noticing you are also Buddhist, I can understand more. It does change how we see things, how life appears. I knew I liked you, we both did. Talk soon M