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Photos of Nancy through the years.
2009-07-28 Duck Lake, boating.jpg

bhutan 2004

Pictures from my 12-day trip to Bhutan in April and May, 2004. Bhutan is in the Himalayas between Nepal and India, and about the size of Switzerland. It is mostly inaccessible, with one airport, one main road across the country, and few vehicles. As you will see, our group visited lots of monasteries and sacred sites.
Eldest Nun.jpg

Housebuilding - Finishing

The finishing stages of our home. Once the framing and insulation and sheetrock were up, Nancy and I took over as contractors, and subbed out the finish plumbing, electrical, tiling and painting. We installed the cabinets, built and installing railing, and did a ton of the other finish work ourselves.

Silk Artwork

In 2003, I created 17 pieces of silk art as gifts to members of the Pathways Mystery School. Thanks to Tomoko Murakami for mentoring me and teaching me the basics of this delightful art form!
#1 Landscape.jpg

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