I’m Tom Childers, and I live in Fairfax, CA. Professionally, I facilitate journey work and microdosing with a wide variety of plant supplements. I have a certification in Tao Geomancy, and do energy work like clearing buildings, land and objects of undesired energies

This blog began as a chronicle of house construction in 2005, and has evolved into stories of my personal journey through many years of intense change and evolution. My wife Nancy Jones and I finished building our lovely home in 2008. Nancy passed away in late 2011, after a difficult year with leukemia. Here is a link to her beautiful interior design work.

I study Tibetan Buddhism with Sukhasiddhi, and energy and journey work in native American traditions. In 2016, I retired from my 40-year career as a software engineer, taking more time to travel and explore worlds both inner and outer. NamastĂ© and warmest regards to you.

Gratitude is independent of any situation, circumstance, person or experience. When you connect with this true inner joy, you feel bliss for no reason. Simply being alive to gaze at the stars, and appreciating the miracle of life itself, brings you happiness. 

– Deepak Chopra

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  1. Tom, I had no idea of this enormous change in your life. To be honest, it took my breath away. Such loss is hard to fathom. In reading, noticing you are also Buddhist, I can understand more. It does change how we see things, how life appears. I knew I liked you, we both did. Talk soon M