Dec 022007

After an intensely busy week, I think we are all ready for winter storms. The forecast says it will be wet on Tuesday, and again on Thursday. So we’re just in time.

The plywood deck surfaces were installed this week, and the Division 7 waterproofing crew has installed the drains and flashing, and applied the first two coats of polymer sealant. Below, you can see one of the 2nd floor decks, sealed up and ready for weather, with a drain in the center. The second picture shows one of the bathroom windows, all installed and watertight. The white frame around the window is plastic protectors clipped on over the aluminum frame. They will be removed after the exterior work around each window is completed.


A lot more framing is complete, too. This view up the elevator shaft shows the heavy 4×12 blocking installed on one side to support the elevator lift mechanism.

And finally, here is the outside, with most windows in place. Bob Hartwell has draped plastic over the upper decks, so that the waterproofing polymer can dry without getting falling leaves and blown dirt stuck in it.

Bring on the rain.

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