Dec 282007

The sound of construction is different now. Instead of nail guns and a compressor, the place is ringing with the sound of power tools chewing through wood. I can see why the framers leave as soon as they are done.

The picture above is a good example, where you can see a half-dozen holes in the framing in just a small area. Here is one sewer line (on the left) and two sewer vent pipes, along with the copper pipes for water outlets and a grey conduit pipe sticking up through the concrete on the left. Everything is getting carefully perforated, as the water and electrical infrastructure of the house is threaded through the foundation. One surprise for me is how there is more vent and drain pipe running through the house than sewer line. We’ve asked the plumbers to bring all sewer vents together into two carefully-placed outlets in the roof, so the result looks neat and “part of the architecture”. This has required a lot of thought, planning, and extra PVC pipe.


I think one big picture will say it best. Here is part of the hallway ceiling on the second floor. From left to right, you can see:

  • yellow and white wiring threading through the joists
  • orange pipe for the fire sprinkler system
  • two deck drains in the back, one made of PVC for overflow, and one made of copper for the drain coming down from the roof deck
  • two “cans” for low-voltage light fixtures
  • red PEX pipe for the radiant heating system, and another “can”
  • black sewer vent rising through the laundry room wall

…and the water supply and drain lines aren’t even in place yet!


Also, other major parts are arriving. The solid douglas fir doors came by truck yesterday from British Columbia, and they look great. (George and I have to get to work to put clear finish on them.) We have bluestone arriving from Massachusetts in about 10 days, and the iron spiral stair for the deck shortly after that. Yesterday I picked up our washer and dryer, which are tucked away in storage. And I’m beginning to bring parts out of storage for the plumbers… the first fixture went in the wall this week. With decisions to make every day, we are feeling like marathon jugglers.

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