Apr 292008

Vargas Construction is finishing the exterior stucco today, and here are a few pictures. What surprises me the most is how different the finish looks at different times of the day. Above, you see the house early in the morning, and the stucco looks like a nice medium gray, with slight sage green tint. But during the day, under direct sun, it’s a lot lighter.


Here is the work underway, and the final result on the 3rd floor deck. It’s pretty bright, under direct sun. Nancy wasn’t completely happy with it at first, because it looks awfully light. But in the morning and evening, it looks great, and the color seems to compliment the bronze and the cedar accents nicely. I’m also happy because this color will help keep the house cool during the summer. We don’t have any air conditioning, and it regularly hits 95°F or even 100° midday during July and August. The window system will help keep the house cool…but I’m glad we don’t have a darker color that would absorb more heat.

(Note the beautiful bronze paint job Nancy and I did on the spiral staircase 🙂


This last shot not only shows how bright it can look, but how hard the Vargas crew works. These guys rock.

In the mean time, George and I are priming all the sheetrock walls in the house, and starting to paint the final colors. Steve and Tom Tillson have come in to built our interior stairs, the plumbers are finishing the radiant heating system, Division 7 is waterproofing the shower in the master bath, and I’m working on the cable railing. I’ll have more pictures shortly.

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