May 182008

This week has brought a lot of texture to the outside of the house, and major progress on the inside. The driveway and curb have been completed, stained cedar siding is going onto the setbacks on the front of the house, and we’re painting and working hard on the interior stairs.

First, the driveway. Artisan Concrete (who also did our foundation) did the pour, while scattering pami gravel that I hauled on Tuesday into the fresh surface, troweling it in. All three things are going on in this photo below.


A couple of hours later, after spraying a retardant on the surface to keep it from hardening too fast, the concrete is set enough to hold the pebble in place. The pic at the top of the page shows Dominic power-spraying the surface with water, removing the top layer of cement and exposing the pebbles. The transformation was amazing and beautiful to watch.


Meanwhile, Nancy and I have been staining the cedar siding on sawhorses across the street. Mauricio has started to install it on the wall of the 3rd floor deck.

Aaand…today we worked on the stair framing. Steve & Tom Tillson installed the main stringers and framing posts a few days ago, and it’s my job to put walnut stain on them. Before and after.


This wood wall up the center of the stairs is going to be completed with narrow slats of clear douglas fir, spaced so you can see through it. The framing is dark, for contrast. I should have pictures to share by the end of the next week.

Nick Razo (Senior and Junior) are arriving Monday to start tiling the house. George and Nancy and I are moving along with the painting, and I’ll be assembling and installing kitchen and bathroom cabinets this week. And cleaning and priming the floor, and installing the ProFlex underlayment membrane before tiling. The stair brackets arrive Wednesday, and we have to paint them. I have less than 2 weeks to get everything out of our storage unit, so the refrigerator, dishwasher, washer & dryer, sinks, toilets, lighting fixtures and bathtub all have to come over soon. The garage is going to be packed.

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