May 282008

Not long ago, it was just an empty room, with some nice windows. Over the Memorial Day weekend, we installed the kitchen cabinets, and have taken yet another a leap forward towards our move-in day.

It was a very full weekend, and I learned lots of tricks as we worked with Tony Mowers, placing each cabinet, getting it level and aligned with it’s neighbors, and screwing it into place. We did the bottom row first, using shims to get each unit aligned with it’s neighbors, starting in the corner and working our way out. Basically, we drew a level line on the wall, at the top of each row of cabinetry, with marks where studs in the wall were located. Then we fit the cabinet in place, with a large level on top, aligning the front edges, screwing the cabinet to it’s neighbor, then into the stud in the wall.


Here is what it takes to install cabinets, aside from another person to help 🙂

  • short and long levels
  • clamps and shims
  • 3” self-tapping flathead screws
  • 1” wood screws (not shown)
  • plastic mallet for tapping things into adjustment
  • stud finder
  • power drills and screwdrivers and chargers and batteries
  • pencils for marking walls

For the upper cabinets, add a piece of 2×4 lumber to mount on the wall, to help hold the cabinets in place while we fasten them. You can see it in use in the pic at the top of the page — we screwed several of the upper cabinets together to align the faces, then lifted the whole unit into place and added screws across the tops and bottoms of the cabinets into studs. Then we removed the 2×4, filled the screw holes, and mounted the doors. It’s a surprisingly quick process, when you know what you are doing and have the right kind of help. Thanks, Tony.


The finished product, ready for tile and appliances. The white object in the center is a stainless steel backsplash, with a Kobe vent hood over it, for the BlueStar range. The microwave fits under the counter on the right, dishwasher in the island on the left, and the refrigerator goes on the extreme right. These are getting delivered in about 10 days, after the tile is done.

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