May 022005

This place is gorgeous in the spring. Our property is 4/10 of an acre, and almost rectangular in shape. It is 100 feet across on Glen Drive, and over 200 feet deep, straight up hill. The front is very steep, a 100% (45 degree) slope, and the rest of the lot is more reasonable, sloping about 30 to 50%.

The land is forested with a mixture of California coastal live oak trees and California bay laurel trees, with patches of scotch broom and a scattering of wildflowers. The lot faces more-or-less west, so there is good light in the afternoon and evening.

The site is surrounded by open space. A trailhead into the Loma Alta preserve is at the end of the street, and the valley and hillside across from us are either open space, or owned by the school district and unlikely to be built on. Ranch land behind our property cannot be accessed by road, and connects to open space as well.

We love this place, and are really excited by the possibility of living here. We’ve found out that there are quail, hummingbirds, hawks and an owl nesting in the area, as well as the usual assortment of deer, raccoons, possum and skunks living in the woods. The hiking is excellent, and the weather is moderate — generally sunny, rarely freezing in winter, and rarely over 100°F in summer. Our neighbors are delightful, and seem happy that someone has bought the land and wants to build a house.


On the left is the view from the living room, we hope. This is looking west, from the top of the steep slope on the front of the land, through a big oak tree, viewing the hillside across Glen Drive.

On the right are trees in the middle of the lot. This picture looks south, so the top of the lot and a meadow are to the left, the house site and street are to the right. Nancy is in the middle of the picture.

Two views of the ridge above our land, looking north into the Loma Alta Open Space district. In the first one, looking northwest, our lot, and Glen Drive, are down the slope to the left. In the second, the view is to the southeast, and the property is down-slope to the right.

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