Mar 312008

The four-day transformation is complete, and we now have walls. The picture above is the same part of the house from last week, before sheetrock. What a difference! I think I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.


Living room, with folding doors, the deck, and the top of the stairs. See the soffit over the stairs? Nice detail, Nancy! The right photo is looking from the bedroom toward the living room, past the same soffit. The window at the end overlooks the big oak next to the house.


Living room corner, with the EcoSmart fireplace, and a recess for a flat-screen TV. When we can afford to buy one 🙂 2nd floor bedroom, with door going out to a small deck. The douglas fir windows look really nice next to the light-colored walls.


By the way, sheetrock is really messy. Here is the living room last Friday, before clean-up!

And finally, a few exterior shots. We now have retaining walls on either side of the driveway, which is graded and ready for paving. The extra dirt and rock is back on the slope behind these walls, which we will build back up to bury as much of the retaining wall as possible. And the exterior of the house is pretty much the same, ready for stucco, which is starting today. The skiploader and backhoe are gone, and we are working to clear out everything behind the fence.

Next week, the elevator goes in. And I’ll paint the garages, so the garage doors can be installed and we can seal up the house.


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