Mar 192008

After 3-1/2 months of infrastructure work, we’re starting a few weeks of radical change. There will be walls and ceilings soon, and the place was swarming with teams yesterday – plumbers finishing drains, Tony & Mauricio tending framing details, a crane delivering tons of sheetrock, and two teams installing insulation. Plus some of Brent’s concrete crew working on the driveway retaining walls. Add two owners, the architect and the general contractor having their weekly meeting, and the place was crowded like a disco. And just as loud, with diesel engines and power tools thrown in 🙂


Drywall delivery at 7:30am yesterday. We now have neat stacks of it on each floor, weighing, what, 30,000 lbs? Sheet rock guys arrive on Friday, so rough walls should be in place in a week.

This fellow is spraying foam insulation onto the underside of our roof deck. The spaces between these joists are not ventilated, and will collect condensation. So foam insulation is applied to eliminate any space for dampness to accumulate. After the foam expands and hardens, another guy saws off the excess to make a smooth surface for drywall.


Of course, this leaves a gigantic mess. At the end of the day, the third floor looked like a foam snowstorm. And the walls and ceilings are almost completely stuffed. We have R-30 to R-60 insulation levels everywhere, so the house should stay very comfortable all year ‘round.


As I write this, I am sorry that we didn’t manage to use fully renewable insulation materials. Shredded jeans apparently make a great product. I’m concerned about out-gassing from from the foam, for instance. But none of our contractors are comfortable with renewable insulation materials, and there are some places where we have to worry about condensation. I’ve just got to trust the professionals.

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