Jun 202008

Our first inspection for an occupancy permit is Monday morning, and I’m sure we’ll have a punch list of items to finish. But I’m pulling all the stops to get everything possible complete. I’m working half-time at my job, mostly nights and early morning, then working full time at the job site all day. Today’s been a 15-hour day, and I’m going to do some work when I finish this page. That’s why so much has happened, but I haven’t been able to blog in well over a week.

In the last 3 days:

  • most finish electrical is done; 4 major fixtures still need installation.
  • half the finish plumbing is done, and I’ve had to repeatedly call both Peter Levi and his plumber to get their ass on the site. It should have been finished last Thursday. They’ve lost parts, and I’m spending hours each day trying to get them what they need.
  • final drywall punch list is done, all edges are straight, and all small problems are resolved.
  • 1st floor tiling is done, and nearly all 3rd floor tiling is done!
  • I’ve rebuilt a sink stand to fit into the ground floor powder room, installed mirrors, aligned light fixtures, morticed hidden hinges into doors, bought lights, switches, GFI sockets, decorator covers, occupancy sensors, motion sensors, more lights, waterproof socket covers, ordered more light fixtures, drilled and painted railing for cable rails, cut, drilled and stained cedar for even more rails, installed J-boxes, and prepared floor area for tile, epoxied metal reinforcement into the kitchen island for the counter, brought demand to folks to get them moving, bought lunch and drinks for crews, and made 9 hardware store visits, 3 plumbing outlet visits, taken delivery of appliances, hauled trash and cardboard to Marin Recycling, scheduled a Lutron Homeworks lighting programmer, and put in hours to create an initial mapping for the Lutron lighting system. Just 3 days. I think final exams at MIT were easier.

I’m too wiped to write more. Here are pics.


Front entrance, with Turkish Travertine tiling, and bluestone stepping stones in the landscaping.

Kitchen island, with the riverwash granite counter installed on the oh-so-cool Elkay sink, with a built-in drainboard.


Fireplace done, with more granite. The EcoSmart burner is the stainless steel square in the middle., and the back still has the protective plastic cover, with some writing on it.

Today’s accomplishment, the glass rail, waiting for the top cap and bronze cladding. This is also the top of the feature wall, with a framed light box on the right in the wall, to illuminate Tomoko Murakami’s artwork. Our pieces are the red Yusaifu #7, shown at http://www.flickr.com/photos/tomokom/5200663356/lightbox and Yusaifu #8, http://www.flickr.com/photos/tomokom/5200070653/in/photostream/lightbox/

Now I have to go to work 🙂

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