Jun 302008

Faster and faster, the final fixtures are appearing and parts of the house are finished. The plumbers just finished a few days ago, electricians are coming back tomorrow morning to install the stairway lights, and Nancy and I and the tiling crew have worked feverishly to get the last punch-list items handled before our inspections tomorrow. I think we’re ready. It’s been another 14 hour day for us.


Today I fabricated and installed the rails on the stairs. The final 3-1/4” thick treads were installed this morning by Steve and Tom Tillson. Nancy and I spent the week staining and finishing them.

Everything meets code: the railing is 35” above the treads, with returns to the wall at the end. The gap between the treads is less than 4”, and the tread rise is 7-1/4”, and 11” deep with a 1” overhand. So many requirements for stairs!

Eduardo and Xavier worked ALL weekend to get the bluestone stairs done on the first floor. We had to remove some of the plywood, and shave the back of some of the stones to get the correct rise, run and overhang for the treads.


Our nephew, Andrew Jones, is priming the wall in the master bedroom closet. By the way, good quality primer is nasty stuff, and a mask and ventilation are a good idea. Then you can see the Crema Marfil stone shower with a waterfall shower head, and the drain tile floor. Very pretty.

Below are pics of the finished master bathroom. Note my paint-stained shirt…the faucets are all LaCava WaterBlade fixtures, very cool looking. The mirror over the sink has fluorescent lights built in on either side. The tub was a Major Find on craigslist, brand new acrylic soaking tub with a Japanese wood cradle, at a fraction of list price.


Tomorrow morning is the fire inspection, and the final town building inspection. We need several sign-offs for occupancy. Fingers crossed, it’s time to sleep. Tomorrow starts early. Again.

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