Feb 102012

My entire year of 2011 was a separate journey, a dream within a dream that has changed my life forever. Nancy was diagnosed with leukemia in January 2011, and passed away peacefully on December 22nd.

I documented that journey separately, at NancyJonesUpdate.  Please look there for the story, but do not go if you are not prepared for a deep dive.  Now I continue without her, dammit. But I gratefully say this.  

Honey, I love you,
I chose you. And now I know
You are my soul mate.

Thank you for the gift of this amazing home, that is now my temple, my castle, my fortress of solitude, my source. Our sacred objects fill my space, my gratitude is very deep. And my grief brings me to my knees every day.


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  1. I see you, Tom. I see your grief.

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