Jul 102017

It’s now July 5th, I’ve been in the Bumthang district of Bhutan for several days, and get to spend most of the day at an impressively restored monastery, Kenchosum. Destroyed in a 2010 fire, the reconstruction is fresh and beautiful. Even better, we were allowed to take all the photos we wished inside.

First, a walk around the grounds. I especially loved the chain gutters, conducting rain from the roof corners down into drains in the ground.

Let me take you on a tour around the grand interior space, so you can see the incredible thangka images on all the walls.

What a privilege to see all of the fresh, beautiful teaching images and decorations.

We have traveled as far east as we are going, and tomorrow we will head back over the high pass toward Trongsa. So I’ll finally share a couple of photos from Yu Gharling, the resort where we’ve been staying for several days. It’s a pretty place, up on the hillside above the town of Chamkhar, complete with a pet cow that roams freely.

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